VENTURE X AMSTERDAM at Amsterdam Dance Event 2024

Electronic music icon Paul van Dyk announces VENTURE X show at Amsterdam Dance Event 2024


PVD follows up on his sold-out 2023 open-to-close performance with a return to Melkweg, Rabozaal, on October 19

Paul van Dyk has revealed his plans for the 2024 installment of the Amsterdam Dance Event. On October 19, 2024, van Dyk returns to Melkweg, Rabozaal, for an unmissable open-to-close set featuring his VENTURE X concept. As with last year’s engagement, this show will sell out, so get your tickets early.

VENTURE X is an exciting concept where the master DJ and curator sources from a wide range of electronic music genres and brings it all together during one incredible evening. Van Dyk famously feeds off his fans, focusing on the improvisational art of the craft and sequencing sounds on the fly. Familiar sounds are presented in an entirely new context, focusing on embracing the unexpected. It’s that moment when you hear a snippet of a song you love but find your jaw dropping in awe over the direction and journey van Dyk takes you. It’s unpredictable…it’s unmissable…it’s VENTURE X, defined by Paul van Dyk.

Amsterdam Dance Event is always a special time for Paul van Dyk. Most recently, in 2023, he made a significant splash at ADE by releasing the groundbreaking and electrifying collaboration with DJ Pierre titled ‘ACID TRAXXX.’ Van Dyk and DJ Pierre were featured on the “Evolution Of Electronic Music” panel hosted by Mixmag at Our House Museum. At the same time, the evening was capped off by van Dyk’s sold-out performance at Melkweg, Rabozaal.

This special Amsterdam Dance Event 2024 edition of VENTURE X promises many surprises, including the introduction of new music that will be featured on van Dyk’s much-anticipated new studio album.

Event Details: VENTURE X defined by Paul van Dyk (open to close)

Date: October 19, 2024

Time: 6:00 PM – 10.30 PM

Venue: Melkweg, Rabozaal, Amsterdam

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